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  • Easy-to-use, inexpensive and unbelievably accurate. Makes foiling effortless. About the size of a fountain pen, it fits in your hand and applies foil as fast as it can be drawn around a piece of glass. In minutes, foil faster, smoother and more accurately. Size: 1/4" (6.3mm). Stock no: 2392

  • Finest grade industrial diamond crystals available are electroplated to the bits. Special brazed metal bonding holds the diamonds more secure to the core. Cuts at maximum speed for a chip-free edge. Fits perfectly on Inland Grinders. See options bellow for sizes available.

  • All lamps will require a Vase cap of some size, wether its round, square, hexagonal or octagonal. Made of spun and stamped solid brass in varius diameters. Brass vase caps can be soldered to take Copper or Black patina. Patina can be applied straight onto the brass if it is cleaned and de-greased. See options for shape and sizes available.

  • If you are using a grinder, you will definately find that a glass gripper is a must. The Griffi™ lies flat on the grinder work surface and gripps the glass tight with its rugged jaws. The Grffi™ can hold a piece of glass as small as 1/4" against the grinding head.

  • A great grinder for the beginning hobbyist, and the perfect grinder to start the new student down the road of success. The hassle-free performance of the Diamond Star allows students to spend more time learning.Please note that this grinder is specially modified from 110V to 220/240V.

  • The perfect grinder for the artist or hobbyist. The Super Star II is equipped with a powerful motor that eliminates the frustration of working with glass by refusing to slow down when grinding. The strength of the motor combined with our permanently bonded grinding head team up to help glass artists create their work accurately and efficiently.

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