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  • Super brite copper black patina for use on solder. It's premixed; just brush it on for a bright copper finish. Size: 8 fl.oz.(237ml). Stock no: 50240

  • The copper foil is a special electrolytic grade foil, uniformly high tensile alloy with carefully controlled dead soft temper. This allows for tight conformation to cut edges and cast surfaces. The acrylic adhesive system is resistant to high temperatures such as those encountered in soldering. Sold in 36 yd (33m) rolls. Thickness: 1mm See options below...

  • An excellent copper patina for use with solder. Size: 8 fl.oz (237ml). Stock no: 50230

  • Bright 3 to 4 prong spiders. Dimensions indicate diameter for example a 6" spider fits a 6" shade top opening. See options bellow for diameters available.

  • Developed for use on clear glass and mirrors. When the finished project is coated with black patina, the adhesive side is not evident as it would be with regular foil. Sold in 36 yd. (33m) rolls. Thickness: 1.5mm See options for sizes available.

  • No more visible copper on internal lip. The copper foil is heavily plated to match solder. (Recommended for clear and mirrored glass.). Available in single sided silvered and double sided plated. Sold in 36 yd.(33m) rolls. Thickness: 0.038mm See options for sizes and plated side choices.

  • Brass wire roll, 16 gauge, thickness of 0.051" (1.3mm) and roll length 32ft (9.75m).

  • Organise your pieces of glass . Holds up to 40 pieces of maximum size of one square foot.

  • Designed for special projects, lamp borders, fan lamps, night lights, etc. This copper foil has one scalloped edge. With the same excellent quality of the standard Master Foil by Venture. Length: 36yds. (33mm). Width: 5/16" (7.9mm). Thickness:1.5mm Contour Width:3/32" (2.4mm). Stock no: 4416

  • A fast-setting, black-colored, stained glass putty designed for strengthening and waterproofing leaded glass panels. It's a ready to use oil-based elastic compound that is easily applied. It adheres tenaciously to came and glass, expands-contracts with weather, and forms a tough surface coating while remaining permanently elastic. Cleans up easily with...

  • A unique solder that renders a lightweight, yet strong product with lovely satin finish seams resembling pewter. This lead-free solder is 100% safe for jewelry, skin contact and food receptacle applications. It has the penetration, solderability, and capillary actions of 50/50 and maintains a beautiful pewter finish. 100 watt iron suggested. Melting...

  • Solder for stained glass (Vitro) use. Consistency: 50% tin, 50% lead. Wight of roll: 1lb (454g). Thickness of wire: 1/8" (3mm). Melting point: 421°F (216°C). Stock no: 4302501

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