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  • Diamond wheel-blade glass cutter for use in stained glass with improved oiling system. The spring-controlled lubrication system provides a smoother oil flow and a more positive shut off. Special pistol type handle provides greater leverage with less effort for a minimum of hand fatigue. Lightweight acrylic, visible oil reserve. Wheel-blade size: 1/8"....

  • Super brite copper black patina for use on solder. It's premixed; just brush it on for a bright copper finish. Size: 8 fl.oz.(237ml). Stock no: 50240

  • The copper foil is a special electrolytic grade foil, uniformly high tensile alloy with carefully controlled dead soft temper. This allows for tight conformation to cut edges and cast surfaces. The acrylic adhesive system is resistant to high temperatures such as those encountered in soldering. Sold in 36 yd (33m) rolls. Thickness: 1mm See options below...

  • Matching crimper for smoothing overlaps. Works with Glasstar Handee Foiler 2392. Stock no: 2393

  • Opens and closes came, burnishes foil. Forces glaze compound, removes excesscompound and lifts came. Burnishing end is turned 90° from pointed end. Stock no: 2404

  • An excellent tool for straight cutting. Has butting ledge on bottom to assure a 90° score. For right or left handed use. Mounting holes provided for permanent installation if desired. Lightweight, durable plastic with woodgrain finish. Stock no: 2071

  • An excellent copper patina for use with solder. Size: 8 fl.oz (237ml). Stock no: 50230

  • Designed for safety: craftsman's hand cannot slip onto the blade. Features a comfortable handle with a copper inlay butt for glazing. Stainless steel blade retains edge. Stock no: 2507

  • Made of die cast aluminum. Spring keeps the arm down on the lead so it will not pull free. The only vise made in the USA. Stock No: 25101

  • Glass Cutter with hardened steel cutting wheel. Cutting angle of 130-degrees for easier scoring of single or double strength glass. Built-in break-out notches & tapping ball. Stock no: 2021S

  • Bright 3 to 4 prong spiders. Dimensions indicate diameter for example a 6" spider fits a 6" shade top opening. See options bellow for diameters available.

  • Developed for use on clear glass and mirrors. When the finished project is coated with black patina, the adhesive side is not evident as it would be with regular foil. Sold in 36 yd. (33m) rolls. Thickness: 1.5mm See options for sizes available.

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