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VECHRO Smaltoplast Relief Acrylic

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VECHRO Smaltoplast Relief Acrylic Paint.

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  • 5kg
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VECHRO Smaltoplast Relief Acrylic is Ηigh quality texture emulsion paint 100% acrylic. Due to this special composition gives a perfect texture decoration surface. It can be used to paint new or old painted walls. Suitable for protection and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces such as walls, plasters and concrete surfaces if they are well primed.

Color Shades : White.

 Covering power : 1-1,5 m2 /kg per layer depending on the surface.

Dilution : Ready for use

Drying : Dry to touch in ½-1 hour. The paint adopts full resistance in washing 3-4 weeks after application.

Recoatability : 4 – 6 hours. These times could elongate under cold and wet weather conditions.

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