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Steel milling bits PROXXON

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Set of 2 milling bits made of Wolfram Valandium Steel. In various shapes and sizes with shaft Ø 2.35mm or 3.0mm depending on shape.

See options below for shape and size.

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PROXXON Steel milling bits 

2 pieces

Made of selected wolfram vanadium steel.

Purpose-made stable construction with head and shaft out of a single blank.

The precise flutes and optimal concentricity ensure best life expectancy.

Ideal for freehand precision work, for use on hard and soft woods, non-ferrous and precious metals, as well as plastics and plaster of Paris.

Ideal for milling, routing, shaping, profiling and slotting.

Shaft Ø 2.35mm or 3.0mm.

For clean and powerful fitting of the milling bits we recommend the use of MICROMOT steel collets.

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